Data Privacy

Ekenberg & Andersson assist Swedish and international companies with negotiations and drafting of every kind of agreement involving Data Privacy

Data privacy

Ekenberg & Andersson has a substantial practical experience of both national and international regulations within data privacy. Our clients are Swedish start-ups, international corporate groups, and well-known organizations. We are always at the heart of the action and are updated on the latest news within the area.

Our services consist of both long-term work with data privacy such as filing system, policy documents, correct third country transfer, information to the registered individuals and ensuring that contractual relations are GDPR compliant, as well as specific and complicated data privacy projects.

We are working close to the business and are also assisting with deep knowledge within financial matters and mergers and acquisitions where data privacy may be an issue. The cases we are working with are often international and therefore we have a close cooperation with leading law firms all over the world and we are used to be part of a global team.

We are offering courses and lectures in data privacy and can adapt workshops in accordance with your specific wishes and needs.

We can assist you with e.g.

  • Legal investigations and opinions
  • Internal and external policies
  • Privacy policy and other information to the data subjects
  • Third country transfers
  • External Data Protection Officer
  • Identification of lawful basis
  • Routines for data erasure
  • Managing the data subject’s rights
  • Filing system
  • Impact assessments and prior consultation
  • Data Processor Agreements
  • Data Sharing Agreements
  • Supervisory matters at the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection
  • GDPR audits
  • Codes of conduct and certification
  • Agreements between joint controllers
  • Camera surveillance
  • Cookie policy and web data